220 Rigid Coal Hauler

220 Rigid Coal


The Loadquip 220 rigid coal hauler has been designed to reduce the cost of coal haulage, both by reducing direct running costs and by reducing maintenance requirements. It has a low tare weight relative to payload, and is fitted with 36.00R51 tyres for long life at high running speed. The Loadquip 220 is based on industry-standard truck components, and uses a GE AC electric drive system. Coupled with a 1700 HP engine, this gives an excellent combination of gradient capability and high speed, while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

All drive switching and control functions are contained in a removable module, allowing the drive to be maintained without specialist electrical personnel.  The radiator is mounted in clean air at the front of the vehicle and is inclined on the deck to give clear access to the front of the vehicle to facilitate tyre changing.  The low loading height allows it to be loaded by wheel loaders instead of crawler-mounted equipment.

Braking is provided on all wheels for maximum safety, and electric retard, controlled by a separate operator pedal, is also fitted to minimise brake wear.  Safety and access have been given high priorities.  The Loadquip 220 is fitted with a ROPS cab, and service points are located at ground level and on the front deck.