Oil Cooled Conveyor Brake

Oil Cooled

Conveyor Brake

Loadquip has adapted oil-cooled multi-plate disc brakes (originally designed for use on large off-highway mining trucks) for use as torque-arm mounted conveyor brakes, ideally suited for underground mining applications to control belt dynamics during stopping. The unit consists of the brake itself which is fitted to the tail pulley of the conveyor and a power module which is used to actuate the brake and circulate the oil for cooling. The power module may be electrically or pneumatically driven depending on the available power sources and the oil may be air or water cooled.

These brakes are particularly useful wherever it is necessary to control belt dynamics during stopping as they are fully controllable, failsafe and have a high torque capacity. Oil coolers can be sized to suit the installation so that arduous braking applications can be accommodated at temperatures below 90 °C.

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