Electromagnetic Sweeper Trailers


Sweeper Trailers

Hazardous pieces of iron on roads cause premature tyre failure.  By sweeping the road with a powerful electromagnet, potentially damaging tramp iron such as ferrous chips, bolts and nails can be picked up and transported to a location where they can be safely disposed of.

Loadquip Pty Ltd has developed an Electromagnetic Sweeper Trailer designed to be towed by a standard 4WD vehicle. Fitted with four 4WD tyres and AL-KO suspension as standard, the trailer can handle the heavy duty conditions of mines. An elevated revolving warning light and standard stop / tail lights ensure maximum visibility and safety while the trailer is in use.

At 1.8m wide, the electromagnet sweeps a large area as it is towed. Powered by a 5kVA diesel generator, the strong magnetic field has the capacity to collect a large variety of tramp iron enabling long periods of sweeping before dumping is necessary.

By eliminating the hazard of tramp iron from roads, the money saved by extending tyre life and preventing punctures will rapidly pay for the cost of the trailer.


  • Adjustable Magnet Height
  • Landcruiser Tyres & Rims
  • AL-KO Suspension
  • 5kVA Diesel Generator
  • Electric Brakes
  • Stop / Tail Lights
  • Revolving Flashing Light
  • Control from towing vehicle


  • Overall length: 3700 mm
  • Overall width: 1830 mm
  • Tyres: 235-85/16 – 10 Ply Tubeless
  • Rims:  ROH 16 x 7
  • Brakes: Electric
  • Tow coupling: Ball or Pin
  • Suspension: AL-KO

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