Recovery Tow Link Trailer


Tow Link Trailer

Loadquip has developed a Recovery Tow-Link for a range of mining trucks including; Hitachi (EH3500, EH4500 & EH5000), Komatsu (830E, 860E, 930E & 960E) and Caterpillar (789 & 793), with the ability for other models to be developed on request.

The Loadquip Recovery Tow-Link Trailer (RTLT) is a towable version of the Recovery Tow-Link (RTL), with the first four units currently in service. The core of the trailer is the RTL, and to this a light vehicle draw-bar, power unit, and suspension unit are added.  The power unit serves the dual purpose of powering the trailer hydraulics and acting as the auxiliary power unit for the disabled truck.

The general operation of the Recovery Tow-Link Trailer is as follows:

The unit is attached to and towed by a light truck (trailer is 5t). The light truck reverses the trailer such that the Bumper Beam is approximately aligned with the disabled truck’s front bumper. The power unit is then started and hydraulic cylinders on the trailer allow the bar to be moved up/down, fore/aft and left/right to install the Bumper Beam. The control is achieved via a remote control unit.

The light truck is detached and the towing truck is reversed into approximately the correct position for towing. The light draw-bar is rotated and stowed under the RTL and the same hydraulic actuators are used to manipulate the Axle Beam into position. With the RTL installed, the RTLT axle is raised hydraulically and locked in position for towing. The auxiliary power connections are then made from the power pack to the disabled truck and the system is ready for towing.

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