Tilting Low Loaders


Low Loaders

The 115t Tilting Low loader is a rear-loading heavy equipment low loader.  The rear loading is achieved by inclining the rear deck to form a 7 degree ramp for the loading of equipment. The inclination of the deck is via a hydraulic cylinder operating a parallelogram link tow hitch.  For loading and unloading, the tilting motion is controlled via either a remote control unit or a pendant controller.  Either control unit allows the operator to control the unit from a safe location.

The towing vehicle shown in this case is a Caterpillar 785 mining truck.  A Cat 777 or other truck can also be used depending on the site conditions. The complete loading process can be a one man operation taking less than 5 minutes, with no need for any ramp other than that formed by the structure.

With a 115 tonne payload the low loader has sufficient rimpull to climb a 12.3% grade at 9 kph, when in first gear and out of torque converter mode.  In torque converter mode the grade climbing limit is considerably higher.  The actual gradability depends on the traction and rear axle load.

The traction capability of the prime mover can be enhanced with the addition of weight to the prime mover rear axle.  This is achieved by mounting a steel or concrete weight on the prime mover chassis rails.  The retro-fitment of such a weight is a relatively simple exercise should it be required.

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