Magnetic Sweeper Trailer

Not all of the equipment designed and built by Loadquip involves large, complex machinery.  The magnetic sweeper trailers that we supply to mine sites is an elegantly simple and reliable system for clearing tramp metal from roads, to reduce tyre damage and tyre-related work interruptions.

It consists of a tandem-axle trailer supporting a large electromagnet with onboard diesel generator, and local and remote controls.  Some key specifications include:

  • Max rated travel speed: 15 km/hr
  • Tare mass: (total mass trailer, generator & magnet) 1000kg
  • Electromagnet: 230V DC 10 Amp, 1.8m width
  • Generator: 6.8 kVA, diesel, mine-spec compliant (fuel bund, isolators, circuit breakers)
  • Diesel tank capacity: 36 litres
  • Lighting: pole-mounted warning strobe, side marker lights

The video below provides a brief overview of a trailer as well as a demonstration of the electromagnet in operation.  As you can see, it is powerful enough to pick up even very large steel sections from a road surface.

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