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Loadquip is the manufacturing arm of CMP Engineers and has been supplying custom specialised equipment to the mining and heavy industry sectors since 1995.

The company emerged in response to clients of CMP Engineers preferring in some instances a turnkey solution rather than a straight design or analysis service.  Over time it also became apparent there was a need for a manufacturing company that could design and supply complete vehicle and heavy machinery systems and bring together and integrate the inputs from various specialised suppliers as required.

Loadquip has the capability of designing and building specialised machines and equipment ranging in size from a few kilograms to hundreds of tonnes.  Recent projects include the complete design and supply of 115, 300, 385 & 450 tonne Low Loaders, Salt Harvesters, and the design and installation of a new drivetrain for a 24 tonne Locomotive.  Other projects include the complete design and supply of sound attenuation packages for mobile equipment, and specialised towing equipment for mining trucks.



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SW450 swing wheel low loader in action

SW450 swing wheel low loader in action

It’s great to get some live action footage of our machines at work. Here’s a clip showcasing our SW450 swing wheel low loader, the largest (for now, at least) of our low loaders which reduce operating costs and increase machine utilisation on mine sites. Payback periods for such machines can be as low as 12

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Transport of 450t Swing-Wheel Low Loader

Thanks to our wonderful partners at CMX Global Logistics, we’ve recently sent our latest 450-tonne swing wheel low loader down to the Hunter Valley. The low loader was split into three major assemblies and loaded on to several semi-trailers, and will shortly be re-assembled and commissioned.

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SW450 swing wheel low loader construction

Construction of 450t swing-wheel low loader

Construction of our latest 450t swing wheel low loader has been progressing rapidly, and is ahead of schedule despite the interruptions of Covid-19. This particular machine is destined for the Hunter Valley and will be undergoing commissioning within the next few months.

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Magnetic Sweeper Trailer

Not all of the equipment designed and built by Loadquip involves large, complex machinery.  The magnetic sweeper trailers that we supply to mine sites is an elegantly simple and reliable system for clearing tramp metal from roads, to reduce tyre damage and tyre-related work interruptions. It consists of a tandem-axle trailer supporting a large electromagnet

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Time Lapse of 300 ton Low Loader in Operation

While searching back through some of our archive records, we came across a series of photos taken of one of our earlier 300 tonne swing-wheel low loaders. The photos date back from approximately 15 years ago – long before GoPro’s and iPhones, so it isn’t 4K hi-def video. Nevertheless the photos stitched together to form

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